Mastering the Art of Raising Great Kids

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The purpose of the course is to help you fulfill your commitment to raising great kids by exploring both the challenges and the pathways to health, happiness, and lifetime success.
What You Will Learn
In this course you will:
  • Distinguish 6 Challenges to raising great kids in today’s world
  • Learn the importance of developing emotional competencies/emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, a growth mindset, responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Discover why building the moral core of gratitude and kindness toward people and the environment is key to the health, happiness and success of your children
  • Address ways of dealing with the “me first,” consumer driven culture
  • Increase your ability to set limits, say “no” and help kids learn that having what they want when they want it doesn’t buy happiness (including their attachment to their devices).
  • Discover how nurturing the sense of connectedness to others and to the earth matters to your children and their future.

Important Note: This course is for your general education and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional, medical, legal, financial, or other advice. If you have specific concerns or situation in which you require professional, medical, or mental health advice, it is your responsibility to consult an appropriately trained and qualified professional.

Your Instructor

Jackie Michel, MS
Jackie Michel, MS

Executive Coach, Consultant, Workshop Leader and Psychotherapist

Married and grandmother of 6, ages 6 to 17.

Jackie’s career spans over 40 years and has focused on breakthrough thinking, personal and professional effectiveness, well-being and the mastery of life skills. She has been offering transformational workshops on mastery, leadership, communication, creativity, life-work balance, parenting and personal growth since the early 90’s. She provides an in-depth view of life’s issues and a down to earth, common sense approach to all her work. Not only parents, but business executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, counselors, clergy and other professionals have consistently found their participation in her workshops transforming. In “Mastering the Art of Raising Great Kids” she brings her vast experience to the challenges of raising children in today’s world and introduces exciting research on happiness, gratitude, emotional social development, connection to nature, and how new understandings about the brain help us understand ourselves and our kids.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a course workbook?
Yes – We’ve included a Course Workbook for you to download and use to extend the value of the course. Writing things down and taking time to reflect, really help as you tackle the challenges of parenting.
How long does it take to complete each module in the course?
Each module takes 45-60 minutes to complete. If you can't spare that much time at once, you may stop and start at your convenience.
How are gratitude and the environment connected to Raising Great Kids? I Don’t Get It.
In other cultures, such as Japanese and Native American, reverence for the earth and gratitude are fundamental to the culture and are therefore intertwined. Raising Happy Grateful Kids introduces this compatibility between gratitude and environmental concern to our culture to help parents develop children who will become grateful and respectful citizens of our earth. At Gratitude Leads helping children become as grateful for nature, friends and family as they are for parties and presents is part of our mission.
Is there a Parenting Group Guide available so I can host a parenting group at home?
A parenting group guide book is being developed and will be available soon. One of the best ways to find support and encouragement as a parent is to start or join a parenting study group. Sharing ideas, clarifying your own perspective and having fun together are all highly rewarding.
Things are going great why would I sign up for this course?
Parenting is a journey and there is always something more to learn even when your relationship with your kids is great.

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